Rent your office commission-free

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Different office spaces for individual needs

Thanks to advancing technology, more and more work processes can be carried out easily and uncomplicatedly on a PC. Consequently, the demand for corresponding office space continues to rise, in which both individual office rooms and open-plan offices can be accommodated.
Of course, the size of the required property always depends on the number of employees and the general size of the company, so that different property sizes and also different locations are definitely in demand.

As real estate agents from Linz, we offer our clients a variety of different office spaces. Thanks to our extensive range of different properties, we can be sure that we can present a suitable office space for every need. Whether open-plan office or small office, within residential areas or in the industrial area: With us you will also be able to rent your suitable office commission-free!

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Rent an office commission-free: It's possible with us!

In addition to our extensive range of properties, we also offer an excellent service that allows you to rent any office space commission-free! Because in addition to uncomplicated brokerage, the satisfaction of our customers is particularly important to us.

If you are interested in one of our offers, you can contact us easily. Thanks to our detailed property information, you will quickly be able to see which property is suitable for you.
You can rent any office in Linz free of commission - regardless of location, size and monthly rent. Because this is the only way we give every customer the opportunity to rent a suitable office.

Once you have contacted us, we will be happy to arrange an appointment for you to view the premises. This allows you to view the location directly on site, clarify any further uncertainties with us and make initial concrete plans. After all, it is very important to us that our customers experience a certain degree of planning security.

Customer satisfaction as the top priority

It is not uncommon for the renting of a property to fail because of the often immensely high commission. Since our office space can be rented commission-free, you can invest the money you save much better elsewhere - for example in suitable office equipment or in new employees. In this way, you will save a lot of money through our real estate agency, which you can use elsewhere in a targeted manner.

Take advantage of our offer to rent office space commission-free and benefit from our professional and customer-oriented real estate brokerage. Contact us today and arrange an initial viewing appointment with us. Because the demand for offices and office space is high - don't miss out on our advantages!

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